Custom Perks

On our servers it is possible to find almost all perks in the maps. In fact, on Sorex there are additional perks that slightly change the gameplay and create new game strategies.

Perk NameVersionDescription
Life Save2.0Damage from explosives, ray guns and fire is reduced.
Earn Money2.1Every 15 seconds you will be given 100 points
Ammo Regen2.0Every 15 kill the weapon you have in your hand will be filled with ammunition
Second Life1.0When you die in coop mode you will be respawned automatically. If you play in respawn only thanks to the effect of quickrevive. In fact the perk will also give you the quickrevive senon you own it
Unlimited Sprint1.0You can run forever if you do not suffer any damage. The moment you take damage you will stop running.