Our servers are equipped with several features, there are many things that make our servers original. Over time we have always tried to add value to the zombies mode and we appreciate how these changes have inspired other servers and users to do the same.

Common Features

These features are things that all servers have, they are now standard for zombies servers in 2021.

Feature NameDescription
Zombies CounterKeep count of how many zombies are alive at the moment.
Perks LimitThere may or may not be limitations on how many perks you can get.
Score Monitor FixOn servers with more than 4 players the score is shown in the top right corner.

Sorex Special Features

These features are the things that have given our servers their greatest value and made them unique. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Your donation cannot be refunded due to several reasons including the cost of fees

Feature NameDescription
Custom PerksAround the maps its possible to find new Perks Machine
End GameAround the map its possible to find a special item where you can buy the end game
New Easter EggAs an Easter Egg there some steps to do to complete it
Luck MachineAround the map its possibile to find the Luck Machine