Hosting Servers

Sorex Studios is pleased to present the new Hosting Servers service. By donating a certain amount of money, you can have your own server. You can have servers with or without mods and you can also get servers for Black ops II Zombies and Multiplayer.

We can provide this service through the use of our dedicated servers. It will not be possible to get a server for free as there are costs to maintain it.

The price difference between server types relates to the cost of maintaining a given virtual machine. In fact, Multiplayer servers are hosted in Germany where costs are higher than for the French virtual machine.


The service we provide is a service provided as a Hobby. We own virtual machines that we don't use for anything, and we want to use them to entertain the players. The money we get from this service is only to keep the costs of our virtual machines down.

How to request a server

To request a server you need to enter the discord dedicated to this service and open a ticket in the dedicated chat. You will be put in contact with the managers who will ask you which service you want and other information.

Join in our Discord Serveropen in new window if you are intersted on have your Sorex Studios Hosted Servers.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

Will I have access to the virtual machine?

Unfortunately you will not be granted access to the virtual machine, in case of problems you must contact us. Access is not allowed for maintaining private files, as we have special files (such as mods, plugins and other scripts) we do not want to expose ourselves to the risk of our files being shared.

Am I allowed to use cheats/glitches on my server?

Cheats are not allowed in any way. If you are caught using cheats, you will be banned from Plutonium. Glitches are not allowed, but it is your server and you can decide whether or not to ban another user.

What type of payment is accepted?

Donations via paypal are accepted with the option of sharing with friends and family. We are not a shop. We are reusing our virtual machines so as not to waste them.

Is it possible to be refunded after you have already paid?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Your donation cannot be refunded due to several reasons including the cost of fees.

How quickly will the server be ready?

Time depends on our virtual machines and our availability. In the best case in a few hours the server will be ready.