Our policy rules are used to provide you with all information regarding donations. We are not a store that sells/provides services, but we are just a team of guys trying to improve their skills in the field of technology.

Donation Policy

The donation/offer is nothing more than a donation/offer of money for the purpose of supporting a project. The money from donations and offerings is used to maintain the project. The project needs money in order to maintain its status. In the Sorex Project the money donated and/or offered is used to maintain the devices that keep the servers online 24 hours a day. At the time you make the decision to donate/offer money the refund will not be allowed.

In the case of the Sorex Project, there are minimum limits for donations. This means that if you donate a certain amount of money you get bonuses. This is not an exchange of money for a product, but an offer that we give you in order to thank the donor for the offer. The support from the community in the project is very important because this support allows us to guarantee you servers to play on. The donations/offer allows us to pay for the maintenance of the Virtual Machine.

Server Hosting Policy

Our server hosting service requires a monthly donation, which means that if you do not want the server for the next month, simply do not donate and let us know that you do not need the server. The service is a donation in exchange for the possibility to have a private server according to your needs.

Server Access

Server management requires a minimum of server knowledge, so only the Sorex Studios staff will be able to access server information and solve problems if there are any. User access will not be assigned to keep server files private. As we provide services with special features we do not want to risk files being shared. An alternative way to access the admin tool remotely will be provided, but in any case you have access to the admin tool directly in game.