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Sorex Studios are a new company of users who want to learn and experiment in the world of development and server hosting. Our team is a modern team made up of young guys intent on learning and experiencing new things. In our experience we have reached 100'000 different users in 1 year and 4 months of activity. Our main activity is related to server hosting, in fact we have hosted servers for Call of Duty Black ops II, Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty Ghost.

Ours at the moment is not a job but a hobby that allows us to improve our skills and abilities.


Sorex Studios grew out of the Sorex Project. The Sorex Project was nothing more than a project born out of boredom of DoktorSAS in September 2019. It was all born out of a desire to experience new things like getting into the world of Server Hosting. The first game the Sorex Project worked on was Call of Duty Modern Warfare II in the version developed by xlabsopen in new window IW4X. During the experience with IW4X, the project had the opportunity to collaborate and help S&Ropen in new window.

The project was going well, the server was getting players and new people were interested in the project. Then in December 2019 Call of Duty Black ops II returned to the center of attention, more specifically the version of Call of Duty Black ops II Plutoniumopen in new window

The project expanded to Call of Duty Black ops II but with little success, the competition was high. The community went to servers populated by youtubers or streamers. Our servers did not have this possibility and remained in the shadows for a long time.

During this time DoktorSAS looked for some way to pay for virtual machines. In fact during this dark period DoktorSAS worked for L3, Ayre, Twised and Skid. ( obviously S&R were helped too, but in a free way since a friendship was born ). During this period several things have happened that have affected Sorex reputation such as "The Vekays Experiment" and the "Pezhys Scam".

"The Vekays Experiment": The experiment was to see if people cared more about the name of the server than the quality of the server. DoktorSAS had the confirmation by making a not tolerated gesture, a Sorex server changed name to Vekays. The experiment proved DoktorSAS's theory but also ruined his reputation, it was a mistake and DoktorSAS is mortified by it. The goal was not to do damage but only to verify a theory. The situation was resolved within 2 weeks

"Pezhys Scam": DoktorSAS wanted to try to offer its capabilities to other server owners by providing a support service for GSC mods in exchange for some advertising. Everyone who agreed would get a mod pack for free. But after a while DoktorSAS discovered that Pezhys ( a user who joined the idea of support in exchange for sponsors ) was selling free codes and dedicated codes to those who accepted this proposal to other users. Sharing part of codes and full codes without removing my name from the code. The situation has been resolved.

The multiplayer servers weren't getting players so the project started working on zombies servers in April 2020. The zombies servers were a success because of the unique features our servers provided, in fact some of these features became a standard for other zombies servers. This success has attracted the attention of the multiplayer community. The multiplayer servers also started to see a lot of players, but this success led to competition between servers. In fact, the multiplayer servers were closed for the first time due to too many DDOS attacks. Over the next four months, the attacks became more and more powerful, so powerful that we were unable to host any servers. In August 2020, the provider they were using decided to block our virtual machines because of DDOS attacks so powerful that they damaged their entire network (DoktorSAS is balcklisted from this provier thanks to this events).

The servers attacked were only the servers hosted in America, in fact the European servers did not suffer any damage. This made the Sorex Project move away from the American community.

In July 2020 the zombies servers were so successful that we were recognised as the original server. During this period Williampilote joined the team and offered his virtual machines and experiences to the Sorex Project. Thanks to this collaboration, the zombies servers moved to France. This collaboration made it possible to get the servers back online before the provider removed access to the blocked virtual machine.

In January 2021, the Multiplayer servers were flooded with users from other communities who would do anything to spoil the fun for other users. During this time many users from the Vekays community targeted our server, in fact many players were entering our servers just to ruin the game. In addition to these users, DDOS attacks have multiplied.

The community noticed this attitude on the part of the Vekays community and decided to attack their servers accordingly. Vekays accused Sorex of being the ones who sent the community against them.

The Sorex Project is a hobby, the interest in server competition does not exist considering that the Sorex Project during this time has collaborated with many other servers such as Dojah, Twisted, Skid, S&R, Ayre, L3, GunJ and CPL. Our project never intended to get into these situations. Ours is nothing more than a simple hobby aimed at entertaining the community. We have never participated in these "wars", we have never reacted to all the negative actions directed towards us.

In the following period the Project has however had a considerable growth of users and was born a collaboration with Lightning Wolvesopen in new window. This collaboration has made the servers grow further. In fact, thanks to NOXSYS, we have optimised costs, reducing the cost of a more efficient virtual machine. In April 2021 ( thanks to the new virtual machine ) we headed to the new client of Plutoniumopen in new window, Call of Duty World at War. The trickshot servers were a success reaching a large number of players in just a few days. After about 2 months the client was abandoned and the user base dropped. This brought us back to Black ops II where we continued to create new servers.

From this period began the failure of the project, the servers were not being populated. The only way to make the servers playable was by creating events, but these events gave players for a few days and then the servers became empty again. Later we discovered many of the reasons why the servers were not being played. There were rumors in the community that tricks like explosive bullets were enabled on our servers. The rumor has been spread so much that it has completely ruined our reputation. Our servers do not and have never allowed the use of cheats. The Sorex Project has also worrked on a system that can identify these cheats with the collaboration of Serenity for the Xbox version.

The community walked away because they believed the rumor, no one asked us if it was true or not. From this rumor on, the servers began to attract the interest of the most toxic part of the community.

Among these toxic users were hackers who exploited Exploits to get information they shouldn't have access to. In addition to hackers there were many DDOS attacks.


Ours is a hobby, we are not willing to participate in such situations. We are honest and don't want to take part in any of this. Our project is a non-profit project. We do not get any profit, everything we got goes for the maintenance of the virtual machine.

The choice to shut down the servers is related to this situation. Hosting servers knowing that people want to take us down in unfair ways is not for us. We have been honest and kind to all server owners helping indiscriminately.

We are glad to have helped many server owners with their servers such as Dojah, Skid, Profit, Twisted, Ayre, L3, S&R and CPL.


Our project has several active socials, but they are not the only ones. In fact even the team have their own social, you can go through them too and explore our team.

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